Venetian Views


"Venetian Views" was created during Anna's time on the glass island of Murano, Italy, surrounded by the Venetian Lagoon. She would perch on her rooftop as she watercolored the vibrant water traffic of Murano's Grand Canal just below her tiny top floor apartment. She let the watercolors soothe her as she painted narrow boats and wide vaporettis bobbing and passing in front of the beautiful old buildings as her mind and body rested from the grueling work of developing a new glass skill under a local Glass Master. The boats tied up on either side seemed to nod in approval as they rose and she fell more in love with the little glass island day by day.

Original Watercolor Kaleidoscoped in a Museum Quality Print on Lucite

44.5" x 46.5" x 1.5" with a floating aluminum hanging system

Customized Sizing Available upon Request at $2 a square inch


"Venetian Views" is a part of Anna's new "Centered" series. She wandered through the watercolors of her travels in her newest kaleidoscoped lucite series, recognizing how her experiences have shaped her, changed her, and touched so many different parts of her life in ways she could never have foretold. Who would have guessed that nature would have such a centering influence on her? Or that she would crave water or wide open sunsets whenever she was facing big life decisions? It's like she can feel God in the open space, in the sky and sea and beauty of what's been created around us, and feel his guidance leading her forward.

She's delighted to pass on that centering influence filled with hope and rest to the world in her newest kaleidoscoped lucite series "Centered."

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