ALG Fine Art

Created out of the heart of its founder, Anna Curnes

With a thriving glass works business, Curnes wanted to create a space where fellow creatives could come together with one main goal: to create. “We’re called together to create together” became her motto from the very first meeting. Curnes quickly established a league of extraordinary artists, partnering with Christi Meril.

2 Celebrated Dallas Artists

The ALG Fine Art is a collaborative multi-media Fine Art Studio and sophisticated showroom. It primarily features extraordinary fine art from it’s Resident Artists in a rotating gallery of available artwork.

Our Space

Come and Visit Our Amazing Art Studio, Showroom, And rooftop

Think modern, New York gallery, but with better lighting and a warmer atmosphere. It’s soaring glass front with innovative lighting and spacious showroom filled with clean gallery walls is a perfect environment for the Resident Artists to create their meaningful artwork.

1302 Dragon St.

Open every Tuesday - Friday 11am-4pm
& Saturday 12pm-6pm