Triple Flower Tower


The ultimate partnership of beauty, resilience, and intentionality, our Triple Flower Tower is a testament of how to stand strong in the midst of chaos.

A labor of love and a feat of careful engineering, Anna Lou created the Triple Flower Tower using wooden "branches" with her hot-sculpted glass flowers created from molten glass petal by petal in the hot shop.

For this special collection, she hand-dusted color on a selection of flowers in specific colors to represent beauty (gold), resilience (red), and intentionality (blue), lighting the piece from within using battery-operated twinkle lights.

Each tower is topped with a blown-and sculpted glass flower, for a total of 3 blown and sculpted glass flowers and 30 garden flowers.

Created as a beacon of strength, Anna Lou hopes her Triple Flower Tower sculpture blesses you and your home with beauty, resilience, and intentionality, reminding you of your own strength as well.

1302 Dragon St.

Open every Tuesday - Friday 11am-4pm
& Saturday 12pm-6pm