Transforming, Cut-out Lucite Mural


"Transforming" is the process of changing completely, maybe slowly over time, maybe all at once, but the person who begins the journey looks different than the one who finishes it.

Archival Ink & Cut-out Lucite Hanging Sculpture

36" x 36" x 1.5" with an aluminum hanging system

Customized Sizing Available upon Request at $2.25 a square inch


In Anna's "Faith" series, she creates a kaleidoscope world from her ink and watercolor prayers, each initially made using the blind contour method of drawing in a continuous line with her eyes closed.

Anna prayed and meditated over how her world changed and yet stayed the same; how she felt stuck yet, in retrospect, transformed over time; how she grieved and yet was comforted in trusting her struggles were part of a larger picture. Her resultant artwork of blind faith under layers of intentional color represent those larger pictures and what Anna believes it looks like for her to truly live in the presence of God.

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