Chic, Legacy Mirror I


Hand-Cut and Layered Fused Glass on a Vintage Wooden Mirror sourced from Franklin, TN.

44.5 x 31 x 1.75”

Exploring the characteristics that make one unique, "Chic" is the first in Anna's Legacy Mirror series.

A testament to the various members of our family trees who merge to imbue us with their defining personality traits, Anna uses specific colors to represent each trait as well as abstracting old photographs to create a modern expression of how we, as individuals, come to be where we are today. The reflective background invites you to delve into who you are, pondering your personal origin story of how you came to be as well.

The result celebrates that we are an evolved version of those who came before us, asking questions, pushing boundaries, and moving forward exactly as we were destined to do. 

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