Chianti Classic


"Chianti Classic" was created by Anna during the Fall she spent studying under a Glass Master in Murano and traveling across Italy. The leaves were changing across the hills when she visited Tuscany, the sunsets getting richer and rosier while her brush flew across the page each day to capture the mesmerizing Chianti Hills before the light abandoned the villa's patio. A little gatto would come nestle at her feet as she painted, giving her nature's support as she worked.

Original Watercolor Kaleidoscoped in a Museum Quality Print on Lucite Sculpture

54.75" x 57.75" x 1.5" with a floating aluminum hanging system, $5,345

Customized Sizing Available upon Request at $1.75 a square inch

Also Available in a 20" x 20" x 1.5" size in a (non cut-out) Square Lucite, $595


"Chianti Classic" is a part of Anna's new "Centered" series. She wandered through the watercolors of her travels in her newest kaleidoscoped lucite series, recognizing how her experiences have shaped her, changed her, and touched so many different parts of her life in ways she could never have foretold. Who would have guessed that nature would have such a centering influence on her? Or that she would crave water or wide open sunsets whenever she was facing big life decisions? It's like she can feel God in the open space, in the sky and sea and beauty of what's been created around us, and feel his guidance leading her forward.

She's delighted to pass on that centering influence filled with hope and rest to the world in her newest kaleidoscoped lucite series "Centered."

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